Windows & Specialty Glass

Customize Your Glass

Windows provide much more than natural light. They allow you to further customize your garage door.

  • Most Everite glass sections are made with true divided lites.
  • Insulated glass units fabricated in house
  • Standard or custom glass layouts available
  • Specialty glass upgrades


Short (Shown as 2 over 2 SQ)

Medium (Shown as 3 over 3 SQ)

Long (Shown as 4 over 4 SQ)

Window Length Options

Window Styles

Clipped (CL) styles are also available.

Note: Custom glass layouts and built-to-fit arch tops available.

Specialty Glass

Improve the Safety, Performance and Elegance of Your Windows

Current Glass Options:

Insulated Glass

  • Standard thickness 7/16”. True Divided Standard. Custom thicknesses available.
  • Double pane sealed glass layers preserve interior heat for heated spaces. Helps prevent condensation on cold mornings.
  • Available as Simulated Divided Lites and with specialty glass.

Safety Glass

  • Tempered: If glass breaks, it will break into small safe pebbles, avoiding injuries. Typically used in entry doors.
  • Laminated Safety. If glass breaks pieces stay wrapped in clear laminated covers, avoiding injuries.

Privacy Glass

  • Hide unsightly interiors. Can be insulated or tempered. Samples shown below.
  • Pattern 62
  • Acid-Etched (Frosted)
  • Opaque

Decorative Glass

  • Make your garage or entry door truly unique. Can be insulated or tempered. Samples show below.
  • Rain, Seedy, Taffeta, Crystal Fluted, Hammered
  • Other patterns available upon request