The Industry’s Warmest Quality Custom Door

Built on a Garaga Standard+ R-16 insulated steel base, with an industry-leading thermal break between each section, as well as wood end blocks and minimal heat transfer from back to front, the North Country Custom door combines high-quality thermal characteristics with the look of real custom wood. Everite offers the highest insulation value and the best construction methods of any wood door in the business.
Everite sells its products through a network of dealers who serve a wide region of the United States. Call the company or send an email to [email protected] to find the dealer nearest you.
Everite doors can be installed in 4-7 weeks. Once an order is placed, it takes 3-4 weeks to build the door. Once built, it can be delivered and installed in 1-3 weeks. Everite doors must be finished before they are installed. If the doors are not finished by the factory, finishing on site may add installation time.
  • Yes. If you would like Everite to finish your door, simply let your dealer know. Everite extends the product warranty by one year if customers choose factory finishing.
  • For factory painted doors, Everite offers premium quality Benjamin Moore Aura paints at reasonable prices. Everite sprays on two coats of paint on all sides and edges in a climate-controlled environment. Choose the Benjamin Moore paint color number and your door will be delivered fully painted.
  • For factory stained doors, Everite uses the Sikkens Cetol Door & Window product. Choose the Sikkens Cetol stain color and Everite will send you a sample of the wood stained for approval. Part of the charm of premium woods is their natural color variation. Applying a stain color may hide or enhance that natural variation. Choose stain colors carefully! Once you have selected the stain and the wood, the doors are not returnable.

Yes. Everite custom builds each door to your order. Most garage door openings have standard dimensions, but for non-standard openings, Everite can produce any style or model of doors to custom dimensions. Everite offers an extensive series of standard models. For customers who want a more unique look, Everite can customize the design.

  • For stain-grade doors, Everite offers a variety of solid woods or high quality exterior-grade plywoods. Unlike other manufacturers, Everite allows you to choose from many wood species suitable for exterior use. Each species has its own unique color and grain patterns. Everite custom series doors are made using overlays of solid, clear, premium woods. Panels are made of solid clear wood or high quality, marine-grade plywood.
  • For paint-grade doors, Everite offers the widest series of materials in the industry. Everite carefully selects advanced materials that preserve the look and feel of real wood while also minimizing painting needs.

Yes. Some customers want their premium wood doors to be painted. Most Everite premium woods can be painted, however, some materials take paint more readily than others.

Several ways. Click on the “Door Additions” tab above to learn more about the many wood species and materials available. Your Everite dealer also has samples of each type of material available to see and feel, and is a knowledgeable resource about which material would work best for your home.

No. Paint grade materials cannot be stained.

  • Finishing an Everite door properly and completely is extremely important. Water is the enemy and will quickly decay any exposed wood. Improperly finished doors will void the factory warranty. For proper finishing be sure to:
  • Finish all edges. Everite doors (except those made from Versatex) must be finished on all edges (top, bottom, left, right, front and back). For this reason, Everite doors must be finished prior to installation.
  • Finish within 20 days. Everite doors (except those made from Versatex) must be painted or stained within 20 days of leaving the factory. Everite doors are made from wood with a low moisture content. Once exposed, low-moisture wood absorbs water until it reaches the moisture content of the surrounding environment. Once moisture gets into the wood, it can’t be extracted again. Moisture causes swelling, cracking and premature finish failure.
  • Use Sikkens Cetol products. Sikkens has spent many years developing and refining coatings for stain-grade doors. Everite recommends an application of at least three coats of Sikkens Cetol Door & Window stain. Follow the application instructions and then apply clear silicone or other suitable caulk to any exposed seams or gaps to seal out water.
  • Paint primed doors. Everite primes paint-grade doors at the factory, but primer does not protect a door from moisture. Primed doors must be painted with two coats of a high-quality exterior-grade paint within 20 days of leaving the factory. Everite uses Benjamin Moore Aura product for factory finished doors.
  • No dark colors. Many garage doors are exposed to sun and weather all day long. Dark colors (Light Reflective Value of 8 or less) cause heat to build up in the doors, which creates premature drying and cracking.
  • Check the Brochures tab of this website for more detailed finishing information.

Everite offers a 1-3 year limited warranty on most models. Limited warranty means Everite will replace the door sections only. Everite is not responsible for labor costs to reinstall, refinishing costs (unless the door was factory finished) or other incidental costs. Everite may elect to send a company representative to view the door to determine if the product is eligible for warranty repair or replacement. It may take up to 30 days for a representative to come and view the door. Everite may also elect to repair the door on site.
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