About Us

Exterior - from far awayEverite began as the manufacturing division of family owned Howell Door of Paoli Pennsylvania in 1939.  During the next 40 years, Everite moved to Everett Pennsylvania and grew to become one of the industry leaders in manufacturing of wood garage doors.  When the market moved to less expensive steel product in the 80’s and 90’s, Everite elected to stick with the handcrafted wood products it knew best.  In 1993, the Overhead Door Company (the industry largest) ended production of wood garage doors and asked Everite to supply stile and rail wood door products to all of its dealers around the nation.  Everite continued to supply Overhead and its dealers until 2010, when Overhead purchased Wayne Dalton.


Everite has spent decades developing and refining custom wood products to increasingly up-market customers.  That process accelerated in 2006 when the current owner purchased the company from the founding family.  Everite has since introduced new wood, composite, and PVC products to capture the beauty and elegance that people appreciate about traditional wood doors.  Recent customers include Hollywood movie stars, pro sports franchise players and owners, renowned performing artists, producers, and many, many others.  These discerning customers chose Everite for its fine products.

 Everite offers customers among the widest variety of wood, composite, and vinyl products in the industry.  Products range from finished R18 mahogany doors to replacement sections.  Every door is individually handmade by craftsmen in the mountains of Central Pennsylvania.